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Relevador Mecanico 8CH 24Vcd

1. Dual Trigger design, using special two-way driver IC design
2. Strong anti-jamming capability, using diode free wheeling protection
3. Relay contact portion use double-sided bold wiring for a large current, safe and reliable
4. The input and output are used 5.08mm quality terminals , more convenient for connecting wire, fit for PLC control
5. Input terminal can be arbitrarily set high or low level trigger,the control is more flexible
6. Each relay has a pull indicator, Relay working status clear at a glance
7. Each relay output leads to the normally open and normally closed two sets of trigger, convenient and flexible to use

Size: 133*55*19mm(L*W*H)
Load: AC 250V 10A; DC30V 10A
Type: High Low Level Trigger
Channel: 8 channel
Working voltage: 12V

Module Interface:
1. VCC: input supply, power source terminal
2. GND: input supply, ground terminal
3. CTR1-CTR8 is signal input trigger terminal, any way effective (by setting the jumper) 

Package Includes:
1 x 12V 8CH relay module